Why Learning From Home Was Right For Me

Why Learning From Home Was Right For Me

A Review of Oxford Learning College

As a single working parent, my options are automatically limited to how much I can better myself and move forwards in my life.

Or so others were always keen to tell me. And, in truth, so I always believed myself. But last year I was dissatisfied with my job (actually I had been increasingly so for a number of years) and feeling frustrated with my ‘lot’ in life.

That general feeling of unhappiness and unfulfillment had actually been with me for several years, and I started to realise that the only way out of this feeling was to look for an opportunity to learn new skills, that in themselves would open up new potential careers doors.

I couldn’t go to college full-time, on two fronts actually, with having kids and with needing to work full-time to maintain our house and pay all the bills. But what about part-time learning?

I started to look at local part-time learning opportunities, but was quickly very dissatisfied with what I found – I didn’t want to learn creative writing or take a class just to fill my time, I wanted to learn new skills and develop a new career.

After turning to my family and friends for advice, I decided it was sensible to plan my chosen learning around my desired new career, and as I’d done well in maths and business at school I decided to pursue accountancy. Although it seemed like nothing more than a ‘pipe dream’ when I began to plan it, once I’d looked at the courses available it became obvious that it could be an actual life plan, and I immediately began to feel the sense of fulfillment and excitement that my life had been missing.

After realising that I wasn’t going to find the right set of courses locally to me, so I began to explore the world of online learning. What an eye opener! The freedom to study at home in my own time, and in my own home – so no need to worry about childcare for the kids, nor about giving up my job…..this was the perfect solution, and I was kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner!

My research soon led me to look at Oxford Learning College – they had a combination of good reviews and good courses on offer at realistic prices, and so I was soon certain that this was the right place for me to begin my new learning journey.

I chose to do an Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Accounting Studies, knowing that I could move through to relevant Accredited Levels 4 + 5 Diplomas if I then wanted to. The course was online so easy to follow, with study materials, access to tutors, and help whenever I needed it. I couldn’t be happier with my eventual choice, and I hope that your choice to use Oxford Learning College is made a little easier knowing that people like me have taken the time to give them such positive reviews and feedback!

( Source: https://www.oxfordcollege.ac/product/accredited-level-3-accounting-diploma/ )

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