Why is adult learning important?

At Oxford Learning College, we believe that education is a privilege that shouldn’t be reserved solely for children and teenagers. We believe that it is a lifelong journey which should continue into adulthood and beyond. This is why we specialise in providing distance learning courses for adults, in the hope that one day everyone can achieve their own personal goals.

So often at school age, people aren’t sure what they want to do or how they plan to get there. For many people, making such a large decision at a young age is simply out of the question. This is why it is important that adult education courses are readily available once people are ready to make that choice.

Adult education helps us keep up with the changes in the world

Since the dawn of technology, the world has been undergoing a rapid transformation. The ways in which we work, communicate, travel and even study have all been altered forever. If we are to continue living productive and independent lives, we must keep up with these developments. This is where adult education can come in handy. Keeping up with worldly advances and learning to understand issues surrounding things such as race, gender, sexuality and religion will make more a better, more harmonious society.

Adult education helps us keep up with the changes in ourselves

Throughout our lives our minds, bodies and circumstances are constantly changing. For some people this means their interests and passions many alter; for some it may mean that their financial situation takes a turn; and for other people, it may mean an injury or a change in health. In any case, as things move on, it is good to be ahead of the curve. Someone who started their career in one field may long for a change, while another, who grew up with plenty of money, may find that they are in need of extra income. Adult learning courses make all of this possible. The availability of such education makes it much easier for us to follow our minds and achieve our potential.

Adult education is essential for retraining

As the world changes and technology advances, many jobs that used to exist are no longer necessary. Sadly for many workers, this shows no sign of slowing down, in fact, positions such as checkout assistants are already on their way out thanks to self-service machines. Fortunately, adult education provides individuals with additional options. Having the option to retrain quickly and efficiently will benefit the lives of many adults in the coming years. Adult college courses are also essential for individuals who dislike their current role and want to embark on a new path.

Learning keeps the mind active

Numerous studies have proven that maintaining an active mind can actually benefit your health. Those who put their brain to use on a regular basis often find themselves benefiting from better memory, sharper reactions and greater attention spans in old age. Keeping the mind active doesn’t have to be difficult either. Learning a new language, mastering a new skill or even something as simple as filling in a crossword can have countless mental benefits.  Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body. This is why we believe that adult education should be taken seriously.

Learning keeps you busy socially, too.

People who open themselves up to new learning experiences often find themselves involved in more social experiences and we believe that it is really important to maintain a healthy social calendar. Developing new skills also adds a new level of interest to a person’s life.  People with strong interests and passions are likely to gravitate towards others with similar interests and create healthy, nourishing friendships. These people, who are surrounded with friends and interests, are also likely to benefit from feeling more confident and outgoing.

Education feeds a person’s creativity

It can be argued that the more a person knows, the more creative they are able to be. If an individual has more knowledge in certain areas, then it’s likely that they are able to come up with creative solutions to problems in those areas. Therefore, it’s only fair to say that continuing education into adulthood helps people to think outside the box. On top of this, a new distance learning education course may help feed a person’s creativity by allowing them to express themselves more in a more effective way. This type of creativity can provide people with a sense of purpose or even reduce stress and anxiety.

Further education sets a good example for future generations

So often, children in the UK see education as a finite chore which ends the minute they graduate. However if children were to witness their parents, guardians or role models embarking on continued educational journeys, they would likely begin to see learning as a constant part of life. Widely available adult education could work to provide young people with a more positive attitude towards learning, helping them to view it as an exciting privilege rather than a necessity. In addition to this, a more educated and motivated adult population is likely to pass on better values, sturdier morals and a stronger work ethic to future generations.

Adult education gives people a second chance

For one reason or another many people did not manage to finish their school or college education to the standard that they may have wished. However, just because certain people have had to put their education on hold, it doesn’t mean they are not entitled to it. We want to make re-entering education possible for anyone who wants to, regardless of their financial or emotional constraints. Our distance learning courses are suitable for those who have been out of education for some years and have no time to physically attend classes.

We are living much longer

In this day and age, people are living much longer than they were in years past. This means that people are able to remain in employment for longer as the retirement age has increased. Nowadays people spend a large percentage of their time at work. This means that if someone doesn’t like their job, they could find themselves feeling unhappy at work for a long time. This could lead to stress, boredom, anxiety and depression, so it’s important for adults to feel like there are other options. Readily available adult education means that people in such positions are able to access courses and training to help them build the life they want for themselves.

Adult learning is good for the economy

The more educated and productive people we have in the country, the better the economy.  Also those with qualifications and skills are more likely to find work.  This in turn will benefit the economy by reducing pressure on the benefits system. The lower the unemployment rate, the more money the country has to invest in other things.

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