What Do You Get By Studying At Home – Part 2

I have to say, the thing I loved the most – after the actual learning and the courses, of course – was the freedom and flexibility. I did several ‘all-night’ sessions, skipped entire weeks when the family needed me, or managed a sensible couple of hours on a weekday night at my convenience, or the convenience of my family, and I can’t emphasise enough how important this was to me.

Practically, my A Level Bundle (Humanities Bundle – just £850.00 for A Level History, Psychology and Sociology) was so easy to enrol and access. I chose to study completely Online (I could have paid extra for a PDF or Paper copy of the courses but elected not to) and I never had the slightest problem accessing my student area and lesson plans etc.

This Online, Study at Home option is honestly the best thing in the world for those of us who are a little older and with lives to lead now. They even had a payment plan so I could spread the cost, and they honestly couldn’t have been more helpful at every stage of the journey. From planned and timed tutor sessions to speedy responses to ad-hoc questions, I’ve had help whenever I’ve needed it from day 1.

The single biggest question you have to ask yourself before you start a course like this is – can I afford it? As in, can I afford the financial cost? Can I afford my time focusing just on me and this course? Can I afford the time away from my family, and can they afford to be without me for a few hours a week?

Once you’ve honestly asked and answered those questions, you’ve got nothing stopping you now except yourself. So go get yourself enrolled on one – or a few! – of Oxford Learning College’s fantastically enjoyable courses, and you’ll find that everything has already been planned and organised for you. You just need to show up, put the time in, and do the work.

Now my next decision – as my A Levels are now finished, what should I study next?! My next mission: finding a good, flexible, part-time Humanities University Course to put what I’ve learned via Oxford Learning College to work and to continue my personal growth and development.

_Student Testimonial: Oxford Learning College Reviews_


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