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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning?

Distance Education

With ‘Distance Learning’ becoming more and more common and becoming a stance during employment, it’s worth diagnosing the importance of distance learning programs and to understand what it means having an online degree under your name.

Pros of Distance Learning Courses

Just like going to a standard course in person, online education will surprise you with its advantages. It works especially well if you are working at the same time, part-time or full-time. This, as you can imagine, is perfect for international students.


Choose to study with the time that suits you. Like mentioned above, it is extremely useful when you are out working jobs. As long as you are willing to sacrifice some free time for a degree, it’s by far worth it in the long shot. If you want to take the time to understand if online programs are successful, check out our Can Distance Learning Be Successful? article.

Less Stress, Anxiety & Money Spending

This pro can work two ways. The most influential contributor of this is that you do not have to stress getting to your destination, on time, or at all. This means that you will not have to splash any money out at all on travel.

This is especially useful for those who are on a tight budget and are in need of saving money, alongside working often. Thus, calming you down with no need to stress.

However, this also depends on how you work. If you thrive off of stress, then it may be worth considering on-campus education. Stress for some is the real reason why they learn or get work done on time. You are your own manager, so if you can work around this, you’re set to go for an online course!

Little Daily Schedule Interruption

Like said in the heading, online learning will have little daily schedule interruption. With its biggest strength being that you can choose to study when you want, as long as you are willing to sacrifice some of your free time, it’s very easy to slot in.

Become Tech-Savvy

Since a computer would be the main device type for distance learning, you will get used to the world of the internet, increasing your skills. This applies to everyone, even those who use computers often already. It’s a great skill to have, especially since the world is almost powered by computers at this point!

Credibility In Employment

Another advantage of distance learning is that your credibility during employment is not affected. Research shows that employers used to be hesitant when seeing online degrees, but not anymore. After all, this makes sense with more and more businesses having something to do with the virtual world that we call the internet.

Cons of Distance Learning Courses

This next segment will diagnose the cons of Distance Learning. As expected, these working the opposite when talking about on-campus education.

No Physical Interaction

No face to face interaction is proven to have a decline in a person’s mental health. This is bad for a fair few reasons. If you read another article we wrote, you can see that we bring up ways to keep yourself intrigued, motivated, and in general focused on the course. If you don’t have any job outside the online college/universities and do not go out too often, it may not be a good idea, for your own sanity.

Working In a ‘Relaxation’ Environment

It is commonly known that when working in an environment where you typically relaxed does not sit well in your head. You typically feel more tired, less motivated and eager to get what you’re doing done as soon as possible. This isn’t every case, perhaps you don’t feel this as heavily as others, but if you can have a different workspace for your work and online learning, it won’t be so bad.

The effects of this, however, may lead you to dislike the course you’re doing, which won’t be a good thing to follow through on.

No Increase in Social Interaction Skills

If you’ve noticed, everything so far that we’ve mentioned has been about mental health. This is how it usually is for online courses, your mental health would be the driving factor on how well you do, which is why you need to be a great self-manager.

Since you aren’t on-campus and using a computer instead, you begin to lose your social interaction skills, especially if you are not working alongside. Social interactions skills are extremely important, especially when going through employment.

Hard Time Finding a Quality Educational Program

As the heading suggests, it is typically harder to find an educational program online that is useful, provides a good degree, and more importantly, a good service. Since you can’t exactly go in and see for yourself, it’s more of asking them questions and you listening to them.

Possible Technical Faults

This can potentially be classed as a good thing. If you remember us earlier, we mentioned that you become more tech-savvy when attending online courses, well this is true. If you are already tech-savvy, then you may understand how to fix or navigate around the fault. However, if you’re not tech-savvy, or the fault is unfixable, this will severely impact the progress of your online course.

We hope you learnt a lot from this article, and we also hope you do well in your future! Good luck!

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