Studying English and Modern Languages at Oxford University

Studying English and Modern Languages at Oxford University

Applying to Oxford University for English Language

What’s it about?This image shows how the English Language is spoken from text to presentations and conversations.

From the origins of the Anglo-Saxon’s, this course offers a Literature written in the English Language to produce within English-speaking countries all over the world.

Studying Modern Language at Oxford University will give you practical and expressive training to help you think coherently about the English Language, whilst introducing you to interesting literature and thought written within other European Languages. For students studying, it is no brainer to study English as it is a well known foreign language for others throughout the whole world.

With the Engish Faculty being the largest across the country, along with the Modern Languages Faculty is one of the largest and staff teaching major scholars in all areas. All students have access to a library provision. So for a higher education course, this will prove to be a worthy honours course. This applies to people from the UK to international students as well.

The flexibility of this course offers a wide range of opportunities throughout the four years you’ll be on the course as a university student.

Within the first year, you will be doing practical work within your chosen language, and study a wide variety of texts from its literature side. Towards the English side of things, you will be conveyed of the technical tools used within the study of language and literature, and how to approach critically. This is combined with early medieval and victorian language and not just modern English literature and language.

During the second year, a variety of choices will be available to choose from. You can work within your modern language and you will continue to advance forward with the study of literature from wide ranges within English and your language.

The third-year is the year in the course that will be spent abroad where you will better understand further on how the thought process of the culture works within your chosen language. And on your return to start your final year, you will choose from a special range of papers within both English and the Modern Languages and Literature.

Are there any International Opportunities?

Yes! Within your third year on this course, you will participate to further understand the thought processes of your chosen language by working as paid ‘Language Assistants’ within a foreign school or possibly do internships abroad. Both of these aspects will provide opportunities to develop and pursue career experience.

In addition to the possibility of receiving additional financial support and travel scholarships which may be available from your current place of study.

In rare circumstances, such as visa difficulties and health needs of students, it may be necessary to adjust a course’s requirements for studying abroad. If you feel you may be affected, we encourage you to contact your department to seek advice.

What are the ‘Course Requirements’?

When applying for the course, you must make sure you fall under these requirements:

An ‘A-level’ at AAA.

An ‘Advanced Higher’ at AA/AAB

An ‘IB’ score of 38 (with core points) and 666 at HL

English Literature or English Language.

What’s the courses ‘Information’ before applying?

Before applying, make sure you read the information:


4 years (1 year (year 3) abroad)

Written work:

One/three pieces

Admission Statistics:

Interviewed 73%

Successful: 22%

Intake 23


Year 1: Six papers taken

Year 2 & 4: 3 papers taken

Contact Details:


+44 (0) 1865 271055 

Modern Languages:

+44 (0) 1865 270750 

What about ‘Fees and Funding’?

Oxford University has a commitment to taking on the best students from all backgrounds in all areas. We offer a very generous package of financial support to home / EU students for those who have a lower household income.


The annual fees listed are only for these full-time students who begin as an undergraduate here in 2020.

Home/EU: £9,250

Surrounding UK Islands (Channel Islands & Isle of Man): £9,250

Overseas: £27,285

More information

Living Costs

Living Costs around Oxford University may be less than you’d expect them to be. Our world-class resources and college provision helps a lot to keep the costs down.

Living Costs for the academic year (in 2020) is estimated at around £1,135 – £1,650 per each month you spend in Oxford. The academic year is built up of 3x 8-week terms.

Financial Support

UK/EU students can be paid through the UK government to cover the tuition fee loan, so it isn’t necessary that you pay the course fees upfront.

Oxford is currently offering a generous bursary package compared to any other university with UK and EU students with a family income of less than £42,875, and additional to UK students with household incomes of less than £27,500. More information

For those within the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, see more information here:

Isle of Man

States of Guernsey

States of Jersey

For those overseas, please access the ‘Other Scholarships’ section here.

Additional Fees

During the third year, the students will spend that year abroad and the fees are significantly reduced.

Home/EU/Islands: £1,385 for the entire year

International: £8,750 for the entire year

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