Oxford Learning College Review – A Level History Bundle

Oxford Learning College Review – A Level History Bundle

If you’re a keen learner looking for a value for money opportunity, consider Oxford Learning College’s great value A Level bundles.

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For just £850.00, you’ll get 3 A Level Courses – A Level History, A Level Ancient History, A Level English Literature. That’s great value for money by any standards, and in this day and age we’re looking at ways to save money and budget better without compromising. So the opportunity to get a whole batch of A Level qualifications from a quality provider at a great price fits firmly in with my ‘value without compromise’ ethos and I eagerly signed up!

Studying Online at home may not suit everyone, but I found it absolutely fantastic. I can study at midnight, in my pyjamas, with a cup of hot chocolate and a pile of toast and there’s no raised eyebrows from disapproving classmates or scandalised lecturers…..safe to say that yes, I loved the freedom!

I’m not presently planning any University applications, I literally did the courses for my own personal satisfaction and because I enjoy learning. But that’s another great advantage of the Oxford Learning College: no matter who you are, or how you want to progress your life, there’s something for you.

For example, the A Level History Bundle I studied gives me 3 complete A Levels and, should I want to, the opportunity to apply for University places using these A Level results.

Of course if I just want to continue studying at home for my own personal satisfaction and to fulfil a life’s ambition of having A Levels (after leaving school at GCSE stage and going straight out to work I always slightly felt like I’d missed out on something) then I can go back to Oxford Learning College and choose yet more courses at A Level or even a step up at Accredited Diploma Levels 3 right through to Levels 6 & 7 in some courses.

Oxford Learning College really couldn’t make it easier to succeed with them. The courses are clear and easy to follow, there’s online tuition and support whenever you need it, and it’s clear that they’ve developed and modified a highly successful course curriculum for every available interest so there’s pretty much something to suit everyone here.

My real advice to the new starter with Oxford Learning College? Take full advantage of the online nature of the course, and study at hours to suit you and ignore what ‘traditional’ learning hours might be. I really did do most of my studying late at night as I’ve always been a ‘Night Owl’, and finally finding a course that suited me was an absolute revelation!


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