Health, Diet and Nutrition Diplomas

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Health, Diet and Nutrition Bundle (Accredited Levels 3 & 5 Diplomas)

Planning a career move into Diet and Nutrition? Don’t want to pay exorbitant College / University fees for the pleasure?

Oxford Learning College may have hit on just the right solution. The Online College, which offers its customers the opportunity to work in the comfort of their own homes to their own timescales, has a fantastic new Accredited Level 3 & 5 Health, Diet and Nutrition Diploma Bundle available.

Basically, you’re going to be paying just 1 fee to study the Accredited Level 3 Health, Diet and Nutrition Bundle before moving onto the Level 5 of the same – you’ll then be fantastically placed to apply to entrance at Universities to get onto the 2nd or even 3rd year of a degree course, thus saving money overall on University tuition fees too. Also, on completion, students are eligible to register for membership with the Complimentary Medical Association too.

By combining these two courses, the learner is provided with a fantastic career change opportunity to first develop a solid foundation of understanding of Diet and Nutrition, which then allows them to build on that early knowledge earned by developing a far more in-depth knowledge level of Health, Diet and Nutrition overall as a whole.

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This is an internationally recognised series of qualifications, achievable by easy progression through stages of difficulty and by studying online at home. The opportunity is best suited to committed, motivated individuals who can create time for themselves to study at home and embrace the challenge the curriculum has to offer.

Studying at home has its obvious advantages – you can be flexible on the hours you study to suit your lifestyle, no-one will care if you’re in your pyjamas or your Sunday best for example. However, it does have a downside too. With no classmates or tutor to motivate or encourage you, it is all down to you to be self motivating to study and complete each section of the course. Just like being your own boss – and perhaps an early taste of the same for someone who may look to set up their own Nutrition Advice Consultancy with the benefit of these qualifications at the end of it all!

Studying at home is as easy, or as hard, as you want to make it. Ultimately, your attitude and your personal desire to succeed are going to be the biggest factors in your success. Oxford Learning College have done their part to make it easy for you by using their tried and tested formula to create simple, easy to follow courses and course work – the rest is, as they say, all down to you!


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