Flexible Learning – is it just a catchphrase?


Is flexible learning just the latest trendy catchphrase, or is it the real deal? What does it even mean, and how are colleges around the UK proving that they offer it?

We live in an increasingly instant world, with access to more knowledge at our fingertips than at any other time in recorded history. Instead of seeing this new information age as a threat, some UK higher and further education learning centres are determined to embrace it and use it as a way to help their students.

Online learning and online courses continue to grow in popularity and in the numbers provided, and there are more students than ever before willing to take advantage. This increase in home learning is primarily due to one factor – flexibility, and flexible learning is quite definitely here to stay.

Part of living in the age we do is that it isn’t just information we expect to have at our fingertips – it’s everything. We demand instant access, results and the opportunity for our lives to be lived in that instant. Online learning offers that heady mix of instant access and flexibility that we’re now hard wired to expect from the world.

Think about it. If you could study at home, in your own time, to suit your own timetable, around your other lifestyle commitments, and in the comfort of your own space – why on earth would you ever leave and go back to the world of traditional brick and mortar college buildings and class times ever again?


If the courses offered are a great mix of vocational learning courses plus the full range of traditional GCSEs and A Levels, coupled with being available online to suit your students’ needs, then surely you’re onto a winning combination.

That’s what Oxford Learning College have managed to accomplish and their winning formula is attracting new and returning students in record numbers year on year.

Want to learn anything from Ancient History, Psychology, Sociology and Biology through to Accountancy, Business Studies and Health Care and beyond? Look no further than the flexible range of online courses available and prepare to learn and study in a whole new way.

Night owl? No problem. Access your unique course materials online at any time to suit you, including 2am in the morning if that’s what you prefer. Flexible Learning at it’s finest – while others are scrambling to catch up, Oxford Learning College have been leading the way for years.

(Source: https://www.oxfordcollege.ac/ )

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