Can Distance Learning Be Successful?

Distance Learning

Distance learning courses are proven to be successful and there’s no doubt about it. However, as with most thing, it primarily falls on the student to work at the best of their ability to succeed.

To be successful in an online class, there are some strategies and tips you can use take advantage of online distance learning. Here are a few strategies from us to help you on your journey.

Make Effective, Useful Notes

Sounds simple, but take note of this.

Throughout your online lectures or online courses in general, it would help tremendously if you took notes constantly. Similar to traditional classrooms, making notes note on anything that you feel would aid you on your course would be beneficial. Try not to note down things that won’t be that useful to you, you may miss something that could help more than what you’re trying to write down.

Notes are handy, especially for when you need it later. Not just that, it helps run your brain back and revise important information, hence why you are more likely to remember what you’re writing.

Be Passionate

Another obvious one, but is slightly different.

When taking any course, you should always pick something that you know you can be passionate about. However, when you’re attending an online lecture with other online students, try to stand out by being passionate about your lectures. Always try to get involved and stay focused. Don’t try and stand out too much however, this passion to be involved has to come from within.

Get Motivated

Getting motivated will tie in about becoming passionate about the course.

Motivation comes before passion. You may be passionate, but how effective would you be if you have no motivation? 

This one falls into your hands, you’ve got to be in charge and now what gets you motivated in the morning. The next strategy will tie into this one. To help with motivation, you will need to have a study schedule/plan.

Set Yourself a Schedule

Every online course requires a syllabus.

A Syllabus is (simply put) the class’ guidelines and rules. You want to set yourself a learning schedule around the courses schedule, this needs to be at the centre of it all. Sticking to a schedule will help develop good habits and help with motivation and so on. This would also help when going into employability.

It is much healthier mentally when you know what is in the next upcoming days. A health mentality is crucial for your passion and motivation. 

Set Constant Short-Term Goals

Short-term goals help make you feel as if you’re making progress to the final step.

Short-term goals help open the door to a better mindset and that also helps with your learning. Every task you complete and had in mind, the more you feel like you are making progress. This actually helps your mental wellbeing with the best success rate.

I hope from this article that you distance learners now know enough to keep yourself mentally positive and succeed in your online learning!

– Oxford Learning College

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