Accredited Level 6 & 7 Diplomas in Healthcare Management

You can now study with Oxford Learning College up to a Bachelor’s degree equivalent level qualification with the new ATHE Accredited Level 6 Diploma in Healthcare Management. For the truly ambitious among you, you can study with Oxford Learning College’s innovative Online home study course package all the way to a Masters degree equivalent qualification via the new ATHE Accredited Level 7 Diploma in Healthcare Management.

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ATHE Level 6 Diploma in Healthcare Management

ATHE Level 6 Diplomas are available for anyone who currently has either a Level 5 Diploma or A Level qualifications in a requisite entry topic course. The Level 6 course represents an excellent progression route and will provide you with a qualification equivalent to a Bachelors Degree upon successful completion.

ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Healthcare Management

ATHE Level 7 Diplomas are only suitable for someone who already has either a Bachelors Degree or the Level 6 Diploma as listed above. Upon successful completion of Level 7 you will gain a qualification that is on the same standing as a Masters Degree.

The successful candidate for both of these courses will currently work in the healthcare industry in order to appropriately fulfil the assessment criteria of the course units. The courses present content related to generic management skills for anyone who is currently in, or hoping to be in, a healthcare or health and social care management role.

There are no externally set written exams attached to any of the core units, however you do have to complete a research project which is subject to assessment in a variety of ways. There are no additional fees within the courses nor any need to purchase additional text books, as each course units provides you with examples and bibliographies of further reading via printed online material and web sites.

Both courses are conducted entirely online, and can be studied around your work / home life. It is however, imperative that you work within an appropriate aspect of the Health and Social Care industry so that you can meet and keep up with the case study and applied learning aspects of the courses.

These courses offer you an opportunity to progress all the way to Master’s Degree level without the cost of studying full-time and with the added convenience of it being an Online, home learning opportunity that means you can study at 3am in the morning if you need to, you’re in full control of your timetable once you’ve enrolled.

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