A student’s view of the Level 2 Diploma in Business Studies

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A student’s view of the Level 2 Diploma in Business Studies

Instead of doing A Levels at school, I chose instead to go into a part-time office job and have been fortunate enough to be offered by my employer the chance to do the Level 2 Diploma in Business Studies during this first year of my employment.

Image result for business studies My employers were keen to use Oxford Learning College as they’ve used the centre’s excellent distance learning facilities to help boost other employee’s professional qualifications in the past. I was really lucky that they agreed to pay the course fees (although both my employer and I agreed that £267.75 was a bargain price for a one year course with a recognised accreditation at the end of it!).

The course is a year long, and has 2 main units of study, each of which has an exam (or rather a ‘Tutor Marked Assessment’ (TMA)) at the end of it and then the average grade is taken by dividing those two marks.

For the year before those Tutor Marked Assessments, there are a lot of modules within each unit and they’re all pretty involved. For a Level 2 Diploma it seemed to me to pretty hard at times, but then I suppose that reflects the fact that understanding the business world is also pretty hard.

Image result for business studies I varied studying the modules between home and work, as they offered me the opportunity to do some of the modules at work so I could get the benefits of seeing the practical applications of the module being applied in a real office environment.

I’ve never studied in this way before, and I really enjoyed the freedom of being in charge of exactly how long I spent doing each module and how often I studied. In the end, I completed the course in just 8 months rather than Oxford Learning College’s suggested timeframe of a year, and felt very proud of myself for completing it within the quicker timeframe!

Overall, I really enjoyed the course and very much recommend both the course itself and Oxford Learning College in general to anyone who, like me, didn’t want to stay at school but does want to study further. With the confidence and skills gained in doing this course, I’m now moving onto one of the Level 3 Diplomas offered by Oxford Learning College as my next challenge (L3 Diploma in Business Administration) as I know that I like the format and method of learning this way.

I hope other people find this review of Oxford Learning College – and of this particular course – to be useful in their own decision making in the future.

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