A student’s view of the Accredited Level 2 Diploma in Accounting

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A student’s view of the Accredited Level 2 Diploma in Accounting

This is a year-long course, divided into two main units which you can study in your own time; and so you’re in charge of exactly how long it takes you to complete.

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As an accounting apprentice, this was an ideal introductory course for me to follow to help me prepare for the harder Level 3 Diploma which my employer wants me to complete next.

I gained a basic understanding of fundamental accountancy principles, and as an apprentice I was encouraged to study whilst working so was able to utilise the assistance of some more skilled colleagues if there was anything I didn’t understand.

The Oxford Learning College course material, which I chose to access online rather than paying for PDF or Paper versions, is very simple and easy to understand. Any worries I had about ‘study at home’ courses were alleviated almost instantly upon accessing my personal student area for my coursework.

Set into easy to follow modules, with clear examples and illustrations, I found once I was into it that it was quick and easy to study and learn – in fact, it was often hard to stop as they make it so easy to carry on and move straight onto the next point!

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For anyone seriously considering taking the course, I can recommend it. Firstly, it’s pretty cheap: just £267.75 if, like me, you choose to access the course online. My employer was happy to pay this fee as part of my apprenticeship contribution, as they also felt it was great value for money at that price.

Of course, the onus is on you to do the studying once you’re signed up to the course but here again I can honestly recommend it based on how easy Oxford Learning College make it to follow the simple syllabus.

The final exams (1 for each of the two main units of study) was, of course, very nerve-racking: but then again what exam isn’t? At least by studying Online your exam is in more comfortable surroundings than in a classroom full of people, which I’ve personally always found to be extremely distracting. It was far easier to sit at my desk and start the timed test in an office environment, as I found I was far more relaxed about it being an exam than my previous exam experiences.

Having successfully passed the course, I’ll be continuing on with Oxford Learning College for my Level 3 Diploma in Accounting next, again with the support of my employer, and honestly I feel really confident in the course and my ability to pass having had such a good experience with their Level 2 course.

Thank you for reading, I hope this Oxford Learning College Review has helped you in your decision to use this centre for your own studies.

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