‘A’ Level Economics, a Student’s Perspective

Oxford Learning College Reviews – ‘A’ Level Economics, a Student’s Perspective

At the end of my recent Exams for the above course, Oxford Learning College asked me to provide them with a review of the course that they could use as a testimonial to show potential students in the future.

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I started the course to further my education and career. Although I initially had no thoughts of pursuing other courses, I’m now looking into some Level 4 courses offered by Oxford Learning College as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed method of studying I’ve been able to develop by being in charge of my own hours etc.

Oxford Learning College’s course material is available online once you’ve paid your fees, and because you can study at your time and pace I’ve been free to do a few hours in the middle of the night or whenever suited my lifestyle. It’s a very freeing method of study and far removed from my memories of school classrooms and timetables.

The course is split into four ‘themes’ – areas of study – as follows:-

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Theme 1: Introduction to markets and market failure

This theme focuses on microeconomic concepts, namely:

  • The nature of economics
  • How markets work
  • Market failure
  • Government intervention

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Theme 2 : The UK economy- performance and policies

This theme focuses on macroeconomic concepts, namely:

  • Measures of economic performance
  • Aggregate demand
  • Aggregate supply
  • National income
  • Economic growth
  • Macroeconomic objectives

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Theme 3: Business behaviour and the labour market

  • This theme develops the microeconomic concepts introduced in Theme 1 and focuses on business economics.
    Business growth
  • Business objectives
  • Revenues, costs and profits
  • Market structures
  • Labour market
  • Government intervention

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Theme 4: A global perspective

This theme develops the macroeconomic concepts introduced in Theme 2 and applies these concepts in a global context.

  • International economics
  • Poverty and inequality
  • Emerging and developing economies
  • The financial sector
  • Role of the state in the macroeconomy

I’ve honestly never enjoyed studying and learning so much – probably the reason why I’m now considering advancing to a Level 4 course. I wish I’d come across Oxford Learning College sooner, as it’s been a massive help not just in my own self-confidence but in my employability too.

The course is really easy to follow, and each of the areas / themes are relevant to the other so your knowledge builds as the course develops.

I really can’t recommend this course and Oxford Learning College highly enough.


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