What Does Online Learning Look Like?

In the current digital era, terms like distance learning and online learning have become quite common. In most cases, the definition is always interchanged. These forms of learning offer the best deal of flexibility to the learners, let’s find out how!

What is Distance Learning?

Also known as distance education, distance learning is a type of remote learning where the learners are not physically present. With distance learning, learners can enrol for undergraduate degrees, postgraduate, and doctorate.

The distance learning courses are accompanied by an online study component that allows learners to access online learning materials. For instance, the Oxford Learning College program will enable learners to access an online library of resources from the college.

Online Learning

All online learning courses are entirely online, offering learners an amazing level of flexibility. The students can decide when they learn, where they learn and how they do it. Classes will have online sessions and not in-person sessions.

With this form of learning, learners have access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) like the Moodle, Blackboard, or Collaborate – hosted with recorded tutors, e-books, and learner resources. Besides, learners have a college’s digital library to aid their learning.

The VLE serves as the communication platform and interactive study tool. Group projects, quizzes, and discussion forums keep learners engaged and motivate peer interaction. The current working environment requires a lot of facilitation via online correspondence. For this reason, this form of learning is a perfect way to learn important communication skills by proxy.

There is a misconception that online learning doesn’t offer the learners additional support or academic assistance to complete their courses. That’s not true as reputable learning institutions offer tutor support to learners undertaking the program. These lecturers are contactable via Skype or email.

How Learning Works Online

Both forms of learning can assist students to get more out of their learning, irrespective of their current location. While these techniques are slightly different, they have some similarities.

Since online learning is used in local settings, distance is not a concern. For instance, a tutor might use a quiz app to test learners in their classroom. Every learner can get involved, and this makes the learning experience fun. Additionally, this gives the tutors more alternatives in the ways to create interactive and engaging lesson plans.

Online learning is helpful for those people who want to study on a part-time basis since they are employed. Since online learning courses can be accessed anywhere and anytime, it fits into many people’s busy work schedules. This ease of access means that more people will take online classes and courses to learn skills.

On the other hand, distance learning is designed such that learners can access it no matter where they are on the globe. It solves issues like accessibility problems so that learners can attend their basic classes. This is done through chat programs or webcams.

The Benefits of Two Forms of Learning

There are advantages to both distance learning and online learning. If you haven’t considered either of the two, here is why you might want to look into it:

Online Learning

-Makes Learning Interactive

Most students are turned off learning since they feel they are just being talked at. Online learning makes the procedure interactive and interesting. Their input is required, and it assists them in retaining what they’ve learned better.

-Students Learn at Their Own Pace

The students will learn at their own pace. That is because the online learning materials can be accessed any time they need, meaning that these students don’t have to worry about being left behind.

Distance Learning

-Provides Cheap Education

Distance learning is an excellent option if you want to save money on your education, since you don’t need to move to a different town or country, you will save money. Additionally, you will save money on the courses since they are cheap.

-You can take Classes from wherever you are

Irrespective of where you are, you are free to learn, this alternative is beneficial to people like new mothers who want to stay at home and look after their kids. It eliminates the stress of finding a place to learn and allows you to focus on your studies.

There is a difference between distance learning and online learning. Distance learning is a way of attending classes even if you cannot be there physically, while online learning is a learning style. Maybe one of these methods can make education easy for you.