How To Know What Career Is Right For You

When you finish your education, it can be extremely difficult to know what career direction to go in. Do not worry, this is remarkably common and almost everyone experiences this. You may even have already had a career but you find it’s just not for you, this is also normal and quite a positive thing. 

It often means that you have outgrown your current career and want to move on and continue your career journey, and after all, you’re never too old to learn something new! If you are unsure of which path to take then following these five simple steps will help you. 

Career Quizzes

Although people associate these as being a silly test that you complete in school, they can actually be very helpful in your adult life when it comes to choosing a career that is right for you. These are also sometimes known as aptitude tests, and can help you to realise more about your personality than you may know. 

Some of the tests that you find online may seem ridiculous, but if you find a legitimate test, then it can be an amazing tool when it comes to finding your career, especially if you have no idea where to start. 

Some things that you should remember about when completing a career quiz or personality tests is that they need to be reliable and valid. You can test this by completing the tests multiple times to see if the responses you get are consistent with one another. You should also be able to use the tests to your advantage. You will likely be given a range of different careers, you should implement your own interests and your strong points to help decipher which recommended career would be best for you. 

Consider All Your Options 

When you are faced with lots of different options when trying to find your perfect job, it can be extremely intimidating. However , in order for you to be able to make an informed decision, then you need to be aware of your options. By creating a list of options, along with their pros and cons, then you can begin the process of narrowing down your options. 

Pros and cons will be very helpful when finding the right career for you as you can assess the different ways that different types of careers will suit you and whether you think you would be a good fit. Although having a lot of options can be daunting, it can also help you to see something that you haven’t previously considered as a potential career choice for which you could be a perfect fit. 

Identify Any Overlaps 

One of the main things you should consider when on a job search or looking for a new career path is any skills and qualifications that you may hold. By doing this, you can identify whether there are any overlaps in the qualifications and skills necessary for the careers that you are interested in. 

You should also consider what you enjoy doing in your day to day life and see if you can incorporate any of these things into the work environment in any of the potential careers that you have identified. This would help you to understand which careers you believe you would be suited to and you can actively seek the careers where there are multiple overlaps. This will help youtube be happy and satisfied in your career. 


Whether you are currently on a job hunt, or just want to get a feeling of other potential career paths you could take, networking is an amazing tool to help you. The more people that you communicate with and meet, the more insight you have into what different career options are like, and if others enjoy the career. 

Networking is also extremely helpful in the job application process because a lot of the time, it can be more about who you know than what you know. There are even statistics that prove that around 85% of jobs get filled through networking, so definitely bear this in mind when searching for a new job. 

Ask A Mentor 

When people think of a mentor, they think about someone who you pay to give you advice on your career such as a career coach, and these can be great and very informative. However, a mentor can also be someone who has experience in a specific field who then conveys the information they have learnt on to you. Starting a new career can be extremely difficult, so having someone to help guide you through that process makes it a lot more manageable. 
Once you find the right mentor, they will be happy to give you guidance and boost you up in the  career ranking. Almost 80% of CEO’s thank their mentors for getting them where they are today. After all, when you have a mentor, you will likely be learning from the best, so what better person to help you find the career that is perfect for you.