Common Skills Employers Look For

No matter what field of work you are hoping to go into, there are a number of cartian skills that all employers seek. These skills and qualities are ones that everyone should possess as they can help you in job interviews and applications. These are the top skills employers will look for in candidates. 


Having strong communication skills means that you are able to communicate effectively and efficiently, this is not only a good skill to have in a career but also in your personal life. Being able to communicate effectively means that you are able to be specific about what you mean and what you are looking to accomplish through what you are saying. 

You will need to be able to communicate both verbally and non verbally. An example of non verbal communication would be body language. This is the conscious and conscious movements and postures that help to communicate and attitudes and feelings a person may have. There are many ways that you can improve your communication skills, some of the include :

  • Writing assignments 
  • Using social media platforms like facebook and twitter
  • Doing speaking presentations 
  • Working in a customer service role  
  • Being aware of you present yourself 


Teamwork means that you are able to work within a team effectively and you can get along with people you are working with. Teamwork involves a group of people working collectively to achieve one unanimous goal. Being able to work within a team helps to lift morale within the workplace. 

Teamwork also helps to find the best solution or methods as it is multiple brains working together with one common goal in mind. There are many different ways that you can improve your team working skills, these include:

  • Doing group assignments
  • Volunteering in your local community 
  • Joining a sports team 

Problem Solving 

Having good problem solving skills can be extremely lucrative to potential employers. Problem solving means that you are able to find solutions when difficulties or setbacks present themselves to you. Problem solving involves using a logical process to figure out a solution. 

Employers like to see that you have good problem solving skills as it shows a wide variety of other skills that you may have such as logic, creativity, and lateral thinking. Some of the ways that you could improve your problem solving skills are:

  • Fixing broken things around the house by following a tutorial
  • Dealing with complaints at in any current work places 
  • Finding out how others deal with problems 

Initiative And Enterprise 

Initiative and enterprise are very prominent qualities employers look for and they are constantly looking for people who are able to use their own initiative. Initiative and enterprise mean that you can find tasks that need to be completed and do them without being asked. These key skills can also involve thinking creatively to try and improve the way that different tasks are completed 

Using your initiative helps to show self confidence and proves to your employer that you have an excellent work ethic who is willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve the best. In order to improve your initiative and enterprise skills then you could:

  • Approach workplaces about work experience 
  • Setting up a community fundraising day
  • Do simple tasks at home without being asked 

Planning and Organising 

Planning and organising includes working out what you need to do, when it needs to be done, and how you’re going to do it. It also involves more technical skills such as developing timelines and meeting any deadlines that have been set. Planning and organising also help to improve your time management skills as well as how you manage any tools and resources you may need to use in order to reach your goals. 

There are many different ways that you can improve your planning and organising skills. You can do this by:

  • Developing a study schedule 
  • Managing your time around education, work, and family commitments 
  • Organising a get together with friends and family

Self Management 

Self management skills are your ability to regulate and control your actions, feelings and thoughts. This means that you are able to do your job without having to have somebody checking up on you constantly. You are able to stay on top of your deadlines and you are able to delegate tasks to other people in order to ensure that everything gets done on time. 

Self management skills are important in showing your employer that you are reliable. Those without time management skills could appear to be unpredictable, which could make employers feel uneasy. Some of the ways that you can improve your self management skills are:

  • Completing internships 
  • Asking for new tasks to show you can be responsible 
  • Take part in a volunteer group 

Technology skills

In recent years, technology has advanced rapidly and has become essential in most workplaces. This means that having technological skills is extremely attractive to employers. Technology skills mean being able to use a computer for typing and writing articles, sending emails and being able to write and edit spreadsheets or knowing how to use office equipment such as a photocopier. 

Technology skills also include things like using social media, being able to use design and editing software or knowing programming languages. There are many different ways that you can improve your technology skills. Some of these include:

  • Doing an online course 
  • Researching what technology is used in the field of work that you wish to be in 
  • Making a list of all the technological items that you have and use regularly