Jobs That Will Become In High Demand In The Next Ten Years

As our world is ever changing, different jobs are going to become essential to the way the world works. This could be because of the technological advances that we are making, or jobs that will help us to restore the planet and the environment. These jobs will become more common in ten years time.

Organ Creator

Eventually in the near future, according to the New Zealand based website Crimson Education  there will be a shortage of transplantable organs. This means that it is highly likely that scientists will begin creating organs and body parts from stem cells and they may even be using materials that may not even exist yet. Recruiters in this particular field will be looking for candidates that have a background in molecular biology, tissue engineering, or biomedical engineering.

Biofilm Installer

Biofilms are a collection of microbial cells attached to wet surfaces and they are the source of 80% of microbial infections. Despite this, they are remarkably good as a tool for sewage treatment, cleaning up oil spills, as well as generating power.

Biofilms are thought of as the key to an environmentally friendly home. Biofilm installers would be responsible for fitting showers with that attack bathroom mildew or to on a broader scale, they would equip homes with a living organism that will help to combat the rubbish that is produced within the household.

Makeshift Structure Engineer

In recent times, 3D printing has been used on a minor scale, designing things like keyrings, or small figurines; this has now progressed to prosthetics and prototypes of jets. It is now believed that 3D printers will be able to construct temporary buildings. This will be beneficial to those in need after potential natural disasters or armed conflict.

This means that if their homes get destroyed or they become uninhabitable, then small housing units, comparable to trailers, will be available within days, or even hours to provide those in need with shelter. Makeshift structure engineers will need to have a background in industrial design and structural engineering.


Rewilders are radical transformers who help to turn concrete jungles into a green belt. This means that they will help to reverse the problems brought upon the environment by two centuries of the industrial revolution.

They will be focussing on replacing things that are bad for the environment, such as replacing factories, unneeded buildings and roads with things that will improve the environment such as forests and native spaces. Rewilders will most likely have a background in agriculture, wildlife management, and environmental science.

Digital Currency Advisor

Due to the likes of Elon Musk, cryptocurrencies have grown exponentially in recent times voth in use and in interest. Cryptocurrencies, such as ethereum, bitcoin and litecoin, are digital assets that were designed to work as a medium of exchange, they are essentially like money but it is all digital. Investors have a massive opportunity with cryptocurrencies as they are unregulated financial instruments.

Digital currency advisors will specialize in the different cryptocurrencies and help people to manage their wealth by using the correct balance of systems. Digital currency advisors will likely need to have a background in accounting, financial management and data security.

Drone Traffic Optimizer

Drones are becoming more and more useful in our everyday lives. They are used to film the movies that we watch, they are used for policing neighbourhoods, they even fight our wars, and one day it is hoped that drones will be able to deliver parcels directly to our doors.

Within the next ten years, it is thought that drones will be everywhere. However, someone needs to oversee the flight paths of the drones at a local level. This is to ensure that there are no collisions and that the traffic doesn’t cause any problems.

Self-Driving Car Mechanic

With the direction that technology is going in, it is heavily pointing to the cars of the future being self driving. Elon Musk’s Tesla’s are already self-driving cars, however despite the fact that these cars can drive themselves, we are still a long way off from having self-repairing cars. 

This means that we still require mechanics to help to repair these cars. These mechanics will need to be able to combine their knowledge of old fashioned mechanics with cutting edge technology in order for them to be able to repair the cars.