What Are The Current Flaws With Online Learning?

With the current world climate and the virus that’s ravaging the world, it’s no surprise to see the pause of traditional classroom learning and the new way of learning, online education. The online way of learning has sparked many conversations about classes online and whether it can beat the traditional face to face learning.

E-Learning & Its Flaws

We at Oxford Learning College Reviews pride ourself with the online learning environment, but to do so, we can acknowledge the flaws and work on them. In this article, we are going to go in depth on the flaws with online courses and education.

Technical Difficulties

The main concern with online course materials is the amount of technical faults and issues that may occur. If you use technology, whether you have computer literacy or not, you are aware that the chances of an issue occurring is high. Therefore for those that don’t have computer literacy as a skill may struggle to attend lessons.

Harder To Focus

Whilst an advantage to online learning is time management, many have discussed their thoughts on focusing during lessons. Procrastination is more prevalent amongst students studying through online education, however, there is a work around to this.

It is known that students struggle to focus more at home, most likely because they’re in their ‘comfort’ zone rather than ‘working’ zone. The best way to manage this is to designate an area in your home for ‘working’. After adapting, this should function well.

Internet Connection

Even though there are many of us that have internet connection and seem like a universal thing everyone has, some don’t or have poor internet connection. This means, especially during this unprecedented time, online learning may prove to be too much of a challenge for those that lack the needed resources for online education.

Health Hazards

For those that are young and studying (7 and under) will need appropriate support to help stop their developing eyes from being damaged at the amount of time they spend on a screen. For these kids, it’s proven that screen time can affect their future eyesight.

Feeling Of Isolation

It is proven that students learn more when surrounded by their peers, however online students have a tendency to feel more isolated, thus affecting their learning.

This is why, especially in this climate, education centres need to reach out to their fellow students in support of their studies, offering support material if need be. Simply sending an email, message or asking to have a one to one virtual meetup session will help ease this isolation anxiety.

Teacher Training

For those that are studying now, you may have noticed that your tutors online don’t come across as the most computer literate. Even though this isn’t the case on a frequent basis, a lot of tutors don’t even have the correct resources for their lessons at times.

Thankfully we pride ourselves in meeting all of these requirements at Oxford Learning College Reviews. We specifically invest in up to date tutor training, reach out to our students on a frequent basis, support those with focusing issues whilst also dealing with technical faults quickly and efficiently to provide the best possible education we can.