Why Distance Learning Is Perfect During a Pandemic

With the world facing a dilemma and over 1.2 billion students out of classrooms due to school closures across the globe, many have turned to high quality online learning platforms for their education.

This is understandably so, as during this pandemic, social contact must be limited to reduce the spread COVID-19 (Coronavirus), so the best, and arguably only possibility is digital learning.

In this article, we at Oxford Learning College Reviews will give you a list of reasons on how and why Distance Learning is the perfect option during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Distance Learning During a Pandemic

Online student learning is extremely effective online because of many factors that come into it, here is a list of the best reasons why distance learning is an effective option of study.

Student Retention

25% – 60% of students retain more learning material compared to the traditional classroom setting at 8% – 10%. The main reason for this is because students can learn at their own pace, allowing them to take in the material when they choose to.

It is proven because students in a traditional classroom setting struggle to keep up with what’s being said. On top of this, kids are more distracted in a normal classroom. To be able to get the full benefit of online learning, you need to be fully interested in the class.

Post-Pandemic Innovation Steps

If you look at the post-pandemic SARS, a lot of world events and huge innovation steps happened. This is because it has been made clear from SARS that the importance of knowledge across the whole of society play a huge role in allowing us to explore our full potential.

Reduced Costs

On a debatable standpoint, there are students out there who are paying full fees for their course even though they’re now currently online, however, distance learning courses are much more cost effective.

Costs of the tuition fees themselves are cheaper, but you also do not have to pay for accommodation, saving you a lot of money for your student life.


Going back to a previous point, students who are a part of an online learning experience programme can choose when they want to learn. To a lot of people, this sounds like a bad idea, but for those that take the course for their passion allows them to learn when they wish and go at their own pace too.

This has had a great success for distance learning qualification success rate because students are more interested when they choose, rather than be scheduled.


A lot of face-to-face courses nowadays upload their material onto their own learning platform, however every online course has their material stored safely online, ready to be used whenever, even when they’ve finished the course! This way, they can look back whenever they wish to re-learn something they may have missed or forgotten.

Networking Opportunities & Building Industry Contacts

Online education gives the students an opportunity to work with some of the industry best and even speak to them. Because of this, it could be across the nation, or even across the globe, but the opportunity will still be there. This can lead to different opportunities or networks within the industry that gets the students interested and at the sametime, fitting them into a suitable environment.

From this, attending students can build contacts within the industry for their future in potential collaborations or even future work.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that distance learning was looking more promising than ever before up until this latest pandemic outbreak. Many students have decided to attend online classes to earn their degree which is amazing to see and we wish all of those students good luck on their futures.

Distance education only needs one consideration, and that is: ‘Are you passionate enough?’. If you can answer this question with a simple answer, the online degree is made for you.