How Effective is Online Learning?

Online learning was once a myth. However, if we were to look back in time, online learning was always a thing. Long before the internet was even launched, courses were being offered via letters. Now you might say that’s not online which technically you are right. But is the principle not the same and if so why was it a thing?

In this world of constant change, we are looking to change and evolve on what we do. Because of this, there is always a demand. A demand to learn new skills, reap knowledge and gain qualifications in order to apply it into this forever changing place that we live in. We’re now a digital world and education that is done indoors are not fully able to adapt or are slightly afraid to change the curriculum that has been the same way for the past however years they like to put it. 

Online learning provides courses based on whatever we are looking for in a career choice. Something that is direct. Something that doesn’t cost much to learn about whilst being completely flexible to learn in their own times. This not only benefits college or universities as it limits the number of people needing to huddle up together in a classroom. It also helps the teachers and their resources out as they are not needing to distribute resources to you or other students. Therefore teachers can allocate the time that they gain into creating resources that would not run out as once it’s uploaded, all students including yourself can view it as many times as they want.

These are just the slightest benefits. Adding onto this, you don’t need to be at a college, you can learn the subjects anywhere they are as long as they have an internet connection (distance learning.) This is how things were done before via letters without the internet before and now we are expanding on learning through digital methods. This means that you work on your courses at home, on a train or even when you’re commuting.

With online learning, you can fit your studies around your responsibilities, commitments and everything else in-between. Why’s that you may ask? Well, with online courses you are enrolling into something that you want to do with no extra courses or responsibilities. This is the reasons as to why you don’t have to pay as much to get into a course at a campus. With that being said, you would not have to spend your time into something you don’t want to do.

You can do more

IBM has stated after research that students learn 5 times more in online interactive courses using multimedia content compared to those who study in classrooms. The reasoning they came up for this is because online courses as mentioned before give you full control over your own learning with your own pace. There is no need to rush what you need to do.

You can move faster through content with what you’re comfortable with but then turn it down a notch to take more information with. It’s all flexible and because of this, learners like yourself can take all the information and apply it in the real world.

You can retain more information

One main factor with studying is how much information you can retain. However, it is statistically said that within an hour, we have forgotten 50% of the information we have just physically given. One day later and we then forget an average of 70% of the information we were given and one week later it then becomes 90%. Why do you think we struggle to remember what we have learnt a week after your half terms?

With online courses, you can retrain information with an increase from 25% to 50%. The use of interactive multimedia content allows you to engage with the topic rather than just reading a book full of information. You can be asked multiple questions every now and then what have you learnt so far and it assesses you how you are doing and what you can do to improve.

It’s less of time consumption for you to reach your goal

With online courses, you can just enrol into what you want to do. You’re not needed to travel to get into an interview or have open days. If anything you are given options to have trials and not needed to spend your time or money to get to classes. With online courses, you log in and off you go.

If we were to look at a colleges perspective, they would not need to do much administrating as once you’re in. It’s as simple as that and all your progress is done whilst you’re learning so you don’t need to look for updates on your work.

Teachers are not required to put much time into teaching in a classroom and it would also limit how much paperwork they are needing to do as all the reports can be accessed by looking at their progress and analysing it without having to do much marking. Online learning simply allows you to have some time rather than learning in chunks expected to know everything after where in reality most people come back from classes brain dead from the two-hour lecture they just had.

Image source: UNC Greensboro

It’s beneficial for the environment

As all the content is online, there is not much printing needed for the resource to be given to the students. It is said by The Open University that online courses uses 90% less energy and produces an average 80% less CO2 emissions per student than those at traditional courses in campuses.

Less printing is needed to be done. Fewer books need to be handed out. Papers can be done online. Online learning contributes towards lessening CO2 emissions and truly minimises how much paper handout is needed. Ultimately online learning is beneficial you, staff and the environment.

Top universities in the world are now offering online courses. The reason being is because they have found out that during exams distance learners can get similar or even better scores in exams than those who study at a campus. This can be you one day.

Less stress inflicted

The fact that you are learning on your own timescale, you are not required to rush or worry about not being able to do your work the best that you can. You aren’t needed to wake up early in the morning to get to campus and required spending money to travel 2 hours for a 10 mile journey. The same can be said about your sleeping schedule and you are not needed to stay up to 3 am to finish what you’re assigned with another 2 coming up on the following day.

With all this being said, it is clear to say there are many aspects where online learning is effective compared to the traditional methods of learning. There is the fact that you are saving money. There is the side where you are able to prioritise your family and then your studies. Why not try it with us at Oxford Learning College?

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