Campus Learning Vs Online Learning

Pros and Cons of Learning on Campus

Campus-based education is more of a traditional University experience and can help an individual to learn independence and much more. Students will have a chance to live away from home with other people roughly the same age as them and they will also have a chance to join unions and other groups which may help them make friends and create bonds. There are advantages and disadvantages to learning on campus however and we will be discussing a few of each below:


  • The first advantage of campus based learning we will be discussing is social interaction. If a student goes to University, especially in an area they are not familiar with, it will help them to meet new people and make new friends increasing their social circle and activity. It will also mean that they have more people they can rely on and spend time with to keep them on the path to success.
  • A second advantage to campus learning is face-to-face interaction with one’s peers. When on campus, a student who may need help or doesn’t fully understand something can just simply discuss it with their tutor or lecturer and they will help as best they can to ensure that the student has the best understanding and therefore best chance of passing with good grades. This can also be done one-on-one meaning less distractions and more personal involvement.
  • The structure that campus-based learning sets is also a good advantage to anyone who gets into University. Many students find it much easier to get on top of their work if there is a set structure they can follow and there are deadlines they can work to instead of self-pacing themselves meaning that work is handed in on time and in most cases without panic.
  • Another advantage of learning on campus is that there are usually various types of facilities and extra-curricular activities that students can get involved with. Students on campus have access to labs, libraries, sports and gym facilities, social clubs and much more.
  • The final advantage we will discuss is that there are a wider range of courses and degrees you have access to by choosing to study on campus. This is because many subjects actually require the physical presence of students due to experiments in laboratories and other such activities that may be required to pass the course.


  • Learning on campus usually requires the student or their parents to be willing to pay a lot of money for them to stay and live there as well as attend the course they want to study. Even with student finance helping out, student’s will attain a copious amount of debt that they will have to pay back when they start earning money.
  • Students may become homesick and may find it hard to study away from home or from family meaning that they could possibly fail the course they are attending.
  • Learning on campus can be a huge waste of money to those who come away with nothing and as such is one of the main reasons online courses are becoming more popular.

Pros and Cons of Learning Online

With recent advancements of technology and through the power of the Internet many new alternatives have arisen for those who want to learn at higher education levels without having to pay a 5 figure fee. It comes as no surprise that many people are flocking to these instead of applying to live and study on campus’ that may be far away from home and family and may not be worth the time or hassle of certain individuals. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages for learning online as opposed to on campus:


  • Online courses are generally cheaper manly due to not having to pay maintenance and living costs when living on campus.
  • Online courses can be finished a lot quicker than those on campus as it is up to the individual to pace themselves most of the time and they can choose when to complete and hand in work as opposed to waiting for certain modules to be started.
  • Students can work in an environment that is familiar and comfortable for them meaning that they are less likely to be stressed and if so they can turn to family members or friends.
  • Students learning from home can develop self-discipline and responsibility skills as the power is in their hands for them to maintain work schedules and keep up with set work.
  • No commute is required for online courses as the work can be done without having to leave the house.
  • A final advantage for online courses are that there are more choices for course topics as an individual is not limited to the courses offered by one University that they may have gotten into. They have the freedom to choose exactly what course they want to focus on and students need not worry about where they want to go as they can just choose the course for which fits them best.


  • No one-to-one tuition is available and most of the time the student is on their own and it is their own responsibility to seek the answers to their questions.
  • Cost for courses is still 4 figures and not all online courses offer finance assistance.
  • Less social and independence skills will be developed if student stays at home.
  • Students cannot access facilities offered by their University as they are working from home.