“Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Archaeology”

Written on: 13/10/2017

This diploma in Archaeology is designed to show you aspects of history by looking at available literature and archaeology. You will cover various elements such as the study of ancient things methods and how evidence is analysed and dating artefacts. You will review many histories of Britain such as The Late Iron Age Period to the fourth century AD when traditionally the Romans came and left Britain. The course will help you to gain knowledge to help build research, develop questioning skills and analytical skills.


Written on: 24/10/2017

I decided to enrol onto this course as I was already completing an online course via distance learning, I had never come across this previously until a local college told me about it. I did some research and found a college, I enrolled onto a childcare course as I thought this was my career forte with having children.

Upon completing my course the college I had studied with approached me and asked if I was interested in becoming a distance learning tutor, I enquired about the role and thought this could be a career set for me. I enrolled with Oxford College to do this course.

“Child Psychology”

Written on: 24/10/2017

I enrolled on to this course because I felt it was the next step in my career development. I felt I had completed childcare, daycare and early years development and wanted to venture into another area of child development. Child Psychology for me was a great course and the best decision I’ve made. It was the next stage in my education development, it highlighted so many other areas of development in children I hadn’t covered yet.

“Diploma Level 3 Business Administration”

Written on: 31/10/2017

I enrolled onto the business administration course as I left secondary school, it was the easiest course I could find, or so I thought. I was young and thought it consisted of sitting in an office typing all day. However I was wrong, having completed this course I have completed several areas of knowledge such as writing letters, rush up on my English language and spelling and business management.

“Motivating feedback”

Written on: 13/11/2017

The feedback I received form my tutors was so motivating, I couldn’t wait to get started on the next unit. If I lacked motivation or needed help at any time I know I could contact a tutor and they would come back to me with valuable support.

I would recommend this college to anyone looking to do an online course, I cant believe I haven’t done this sooner and will be looking for my next course shortly.


Written on: 14/11/2017

This course consisted of 12 units covering all of the main aspects of Advertising. Advertising managers oversee advertising and promotion staffs, which usually are small, except in the largest firms. The course provided me with a firm grounding and comprehensive understanding of advertising and the media in a business context. Thank you Oxford College.

“Helped develop a range of important and transferable…”

Written on: 08/12/2017

From my experience, you will gain knowledge of how to help develop a range of important and transferable skills such as data skills, presenting arguments and making recommendations on the basis of the available evidence and problem solving to help a business maximise their potential.

There are ten units which you will work through numerically this is to help keep you on track on such as, starting a business, financial planning, finance, people in business, operations management, marketing, strategies of marketing, accounts and managing change.

The recommended study time given per unit was 20 hours, this included reading and completing the unit assessment. I look forward to getting a job using my new qualification.