Why choose Oxford Learning College?

World leading Oxford Learning College offers students around the world the opportunity to study A Levels online via home learning. The distance learning courses are of two years duration and come complete with full online course materials and tutor support via our online learning environment. On completing the course assessment you will receive a certificate awarded by a national body.

Why distance learning?

Distance learning is gaining prominence among students eager to upgrade themselves for better career prospects. Distance degree courses serve as a great alternative for students looking for further education without undergoing more conventional classroom learning.

Online courses, no doubt, offer much freedom and flexibility. Most students enrolling for distance education courses are working full-time and are not in a situation to quit their jobs. They need a source of income to run their family’s expenses. Hence, in order to upgrade their educational qualifications along with a job, they prefer taking up distance learning courses.

Why choose to study an A Level in Business?

A-level business studies is an inter-disciplinary subject:  you combine elements of accountancy, management science, economics, social psychology and law.

Because of this, the A-level business studies course favours those with good mathematic and English skills as the approach is very academic. The modules you will study include, but are not limited to, planning and financing a business, managing a business, strategies for success and the business environment and change.

So whether you’re aiming for your future to hold a high-flying corporate role or your own successful small enterprise, the A Level Business online course is the perfect place to start.

You’ll learn the basic principles of business and much more, looking at the importance of a business plan and the strategies you can put in place to maximize the chances of success.

Effective financial planning is a priority in business, and you’ll discover ways to calculate, estimate and review costs, set budgets and assess future financial needs.

From the Business A Level you will also learn the principles of sound business management, including marketing, personnel management, operations and finances.

And with an eye on the current business climate, you’ll learn how change affects business and develop techniques for setting and achieving corporate objectives so that you make the most of change rather than fall victim to it.

If this sounds like the ideal course for you, contact Oxford Learning College today to find out more!

A Level in Law by Distance Learning – advantages reviewed

Firstly, let’s look at the advantages of Distance Learning in general.

  • You can fit your learning around your work and home life
  • You can set your own pace of study
  • You can choose when and where you study
  • You can gain a degree from anywhere in the world
  • A distance learning course often costs less than full-time study
  • You can study a wide variety of courses at every level, so there’s something for everybody

Universities and colleges ensure that their distance learning programmes and qualifications are of the same high quality as campus-based programmes.

So which distance learning institution do you choose?

Oxford Learning College is one of the world’s leading distance education providers. Why choose anything other than one of the best, after all!

Why study for an A Level in Law?

Studying Law gives you an understanding of the role of Law in today’s society and raises your awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals.  The skills learned on this course, such as analytical, critical analysis and problem-solving skills, are all skills that are highly sought after by higher education and employers.

This course consists of four units:

  • The Nature of Law and the English Legal System
  • Criminal Law
  • Tort
  • Contract Law

The AQA A-level Law course, delivered by Oxford Learning College, provides students with an understanding of the English legal system and substantive law, including both criminal and civil law.

The course develops excellent written communication skills and research skills, while engaging you in real life challenges. You will be required to write clearly, concisely and in a logical manner. You will develop your problem-solving skills, and learn how to identify legal issues and apply the relevant law to a scenario to reach a conclusion. You’ll also gain critical evaluation skills to ensure that you can confidently express views which are substantiated with evidence, encouraging them to reflect on contemporary issues in society.

– Studying law at A-Level gives you a broad overview of the subject and enables you to experience what the subject itself is really about.
– It introduces you to the subject of Law itself before you go to university which may make undergraduate study of Law easier to understand.
– Studying Law at A-Level can develop your interest in the subject further, in turn giving you specific examples and knowledge to use when writing personal statements.