Cognitive Therapy

My course(cognitive therapy) was focused on thoughts and feelings.You will review theorists such as Aaron Beck and Carl Gustav Jung and their work on therapy sessions and background of them and their lives. You will review the psychoanalytical psychology by Sigmund Freud including behaviorism and humanistic psychology. The course was a great addition to my current knowledge about these people and proved to be very fun as well.

Anatomy and Physiology

I have just completed my course with distinction! The resources i got were excellent were excellent although you really need to have the paper based verions of thr work and I think it should be included in the intitial cost. Also, I would have like to have had an email from someone to check that I was getting on ok with the material as I decided not to submit the questions but it would have been nice to know that someone was still thinking of me. But I was fine anyway so it doesnt really matter now.

The level 3 diploma in anatomy and phsyiology was easy to understand. Captured my attention easy.

The structure of the course was ok, although there are some mistakes of spelling that I noticed, not particularly bad ones, the just small mistakes. Otherwise the information was pretty much spot on as far as i know. I like it because I could understand easy and also I like it for the acknwledgement at the end of each module.

I am very happy I graduated with a distinction.